You’re helping refugees like Salim rebuild right where they are!

God is doing incredible things through house churches across the Middle East thanks to your support – and many are embracing new life because of it!

“Salim” is a Muslim-background refugee who came to Christ secretly not long ago. After fleeing for his life, he never had the chance to really grow in his new faith, despite the fact that he truly wants to share the Gospel message with others.

Thanks to your support, Salim was able to get a small computer, which we’re using weekly to talk to him via Skype and disciple him in the Word. It’s incredible to see how God is using these lessons to strengthen Salim’s faith – and give him the confidence he needs to share the Gospel with others in his refugee community who are far from Christ.

Salim lives under threat every day for his faith. He told us…

“I received a letter from ISIS agents not long ago who threatened to cut of my head if I don’t go back to Islam. And if my family found out I was a Christian, they would no doubt send my brother to kill me.”

Pastor Jalil Dawood, who leads Salim's discipleship lessons, shares…

“So many of these persecuted refugees need someone to help them grow in the Word. Many of them have lost everything because they’ve embraced Jesus – and they’re ready to fully live for Him if only they can be discipled.”

Please pray that fruit continues to come out of these discipleship lessons with Salim – and that more refugees would come to know the Lord through his faithful witness. And pray also for the many others like him across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe who you're helping serve as they struggle to survive daily.

We’re grateful for your support to help refugees like Salim rebuild right where they are!

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