You’re helping persecuted Christian refugees stand strong!

The situation for Christian refugees in the Middle East is becoming tougher by the day. “Jahmir” is a father who was forced to flee ISIS in Iraq in order to save his family. He recently told us…

“Christian refugees in the Middle East are forced to deny Christ so they may feed their families. They have to lie about their faith so they can be hired for jobs. People have nothing – and they do whatever they can for their children to survive.”

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, our Global Refugee Ministry Team from Iraq, Israel, and Lebanon will converge on strategic communities in Turkey and Greece next month. Led by Pastor Jalil Dawood, the team will visit 4 cities, feeding and proclaiming the Gospel to more than 700 refugees.

Most importantly, these refugees will know they have friends like you who are standing behind them, encouraging them to remain strong in their faith.

These families need our prayers for sure. But they also desperately need our continued support. So thank you for caring – and for your partnership to help strengthen those suffering for their faith!

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