“Your word went straight to my heart!”

Your support helped pave the way for Omar to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

After sharing the Good News with refugees in the Middle East, our ministry team headed to Greece, which has seen a massive influx of refugees in recent years.

This was our first venture into ministry there. And thanks to your support, we were able feed and proclaim the Gospel more than 400 refugees like “Omar.”

Omar is an 88-year-old Muslim man who came to one of our events. He told us, “I’ve been a Muslim my entire life. But the word your shared went straight to my heart!”

And Omar trusted Jesus for the first time!

Much of the focus of this trip was to lay new ground for ministry among Arabic-speaking refugees in Europe – which is so scarce. The city of Athens, for example, has no Arabic church. So Christians and others seeking Christ have no place to go hear the Gospel!

One outreach event we held took place at an abandoned hotel that’s been turned into a makeshift refugee camp. The conditions these refuges face are deplorable. But it was amazing to see their faces light up when we shared food and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

This is the kind of transformation you make possible when you give – so thank you for your partnership to rebuild lives like Omar’s!

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