Reaching refugees together – and helping others do the same

Being a refugee in America is hard. The food is different. The language is hard to learn. And working with the government to ensure you do everything legally to stay here is a challenge.

That’s why, thanks to the support of friends like you, we recently launched a brand new partnership with local refugee relief organizations to assist refugees here in the US through English classes, Bible study, and walking with them as they transition to life in America.

It’s amazing to see the smiles on the faces of these men, women, and children when they realize someone cares about them -- and is willing to take time to help them assimilate into their new home. This often makes them more open to hearing the Gospel than they’ve ever been!

And the great part is, this is a work everyone can get involved in. That’s why we’re seizing every opportunity we can to increase awareness about the refugee situation here in America. Recently, Jalil Dawood was invited to speak at a Bible study led by former Dallas Cowboy, Chad Hennings, about what many refugees face once they arrive in the US -- and many shared they want to get involved as well.

God is doing amazing work here in our own backyard among the refugee community -- so thank you for being such a significant part of it!

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