A personal note from Jalil

Dear Friend,

The past month has been a tough one for our nation. Natural disasters have rocked Texas and Florida -- and Americans seem to be increasingly divided as we’ve seen many who refuse to even stand for the National Anthem.

These and other challenges provide an incredible opportunity for God’s people -- because it’s in the midst of darkness that the healing power of the Gospel often shines the brightest.

That’s exactly what’s happening in parts of the world overwhelmed by darkness. In places like the Middle East and North Africa, men and women uprooted from their homes are seeking Jesus like never before. And lives are being changed for eternity as a result.

Friend, this is why your support is so critical. Your prayers and gifts are empowering radical life change, and broken lives are being rebuilt in Jesus’ name!

I pray you've been encouraged by this edition of our ministry newsletter, and that you'll continue to keep refugees here and around the world in your prayers during these dark days.

One thing you can specifically be praying for is the recent referendum that's passed in Iraq to make Kurdistan its own country. Pray for peace in this already unstable nation -- so that no more families would have to become refugees.

Thank you for your partnership. I’m deeply grateful for you!



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