A personal note from Jalil

Dear Friend,

I've discovered an important truth about reaching refugees in my years of ministry...

It takes insiders to really do it effectively.

Here's what I mean: Refugees have life experiences that are far different than anyone else in the world. The've lost their homes. Many have seen family members murdered before their eyes. And the only thing they have to their names are what they were able to carry when they left home.

So when a non-refugee approaches a refugee and tells him, "Jesus can heal your hurts," the refugee immediately thinks, "Jesus? You have NO IDEA what I've been through!"

But when oneĀ refugee approaches another with the Gospel and says, "Jesus healed my hurts -- and here's how He can heal yours..." they listen!

Friend, that is how refugees are going to be reached in the current global crisis -- and it's why we've committed to raising up house church leaders within refugee communities around the world to carry the healing power of the Gospel forward, wherever that may be.

Thank you for helping make that a reality through your prayers and gifts. Your partnership is vital to reaching refugees for the Gospel right where they are -- and helping rebuild broken lives.



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