A personal note from Jalil

Dear Friend,

I truly wish you could come with me and visit some of the refugees whose lives you're changing through your prayers and gifts.

I think about Samir and his wife and kids. He trusted Jesus on my last trip to the Middle East, and I've been keeping close contact with him since then. But his conversion was recently discovered by his Muslim neighbors, and he now faces threats daily because of his faith.

But Samir isn't wavering one bit. He told me, "They're threatening to tell my employer and get me fired from my job. But I won't go back!"

Then there are two ladies, Aisha and Rahma, here in the US. Both are Muslims who are seriously investigating Jesus and have been making some big steps forward in their faith in recent weeks.

These are lives being changed because of your support. So thank you for your prayers and generosity. You truly are rebuilding broken lives in Jesus' name!



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